Journey Mapping Workshop Toolkit

The master plan for your journey mapping workshop.

The Journey Mapping Workshop Toolkit gives you everything you need - templates, checklists, resources, and helpful "how-to" videos - to conduct journey mapping workshops. 

What is journey mapping?

Each experience someone has with your organization is not a discrete, isolated event. It's one of a series of interconnected interactions that form a journey, over time, with your organization.

Journey mapping provides a collaborative, visual representation of how your users use your website/product/service which helps:

  • Deliver consistently great experiences, in particular in complex interactions with your products or services;
  • Identify gaps in content and functionality and between key touchpoints; critical moments; and opportunities for innovation based on user needs and business objectives;
  • Breakdown silos in your organization that get in the way of how people interact with your products and services;
  • Identify critical gaps, pain points, and points of failure in your user's experience; and
  • Drive transformation and innovation in your organization.

Want to perform your first journey mapping workshop and need some help? You'll learn how to: 
  • Plan and set up your workshop step by step
  • Guide a team through the journey mapping process.
  • Storytell the experience of key interactions to create empathy.
  • Lead internal experience mapping initiatives that generate actionable insight.

Beginning Monday, Dec. 11, 2017, you can use this toolkit to create your own Journey Mapping Workshop. 

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