Discover the professional journey that’s right for YOU.

What’s your current career trajectory? Feeling a little unsure about next steps? Not sure you even know what’s missing (but something’s definitely missing)?

We hear that from UX folks every day. Then one day, it came to us: Why not apply UX thinking to career planning?

We know UX lends a crucial framework and clarity to all things. Why not our careers?

(It was an AHA! moment for us, too.)

That’s why we’re offering this course as an annual review of what you want from your career.

Use this self-paced, hands-on, online workshop to create a Personalized Career Roadmap based on your skills and desires.

You’ll start with a video introducing the concept of applying UX design skills to your career. This is followed by a series of activities to guide YOU to YOUR truest path.

When you’re finished, you’ll know what you want from 2018. No more second guessing or wasted time. Once you have clarity on what you want, you can put all your energy into getting it. And you can use this approach in your personal life, too. 

All for just $99.

After all, how else are you supposed to make the best decisions about where you go from here? Guess? Leave it to chance? This is your happiness we’re talking about here.

Invest in your career today and have more fun at work in 2018.



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up to 30 days after purchase.


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Take the class
at your own pace and
in your own time.