We've all been there: you've got a major site redesign to improve the user experience. When upper management starts asking tough questions about how the UX team knows the new website/application will be better than the old one, do you have a ready answer?

This webinar will help you begin your next redesign with user experience benchmarking so you can quickly and easily report back on your UX redesign project's success. 

Listen this webinar to learn to:

  • Identify business objectives before embarking on a user experience redesign
  • Establish key performance indicators
  • Develop quantitative data for benchmarking user experience
  • Conduct benchmark analysis on competitor websites
  • Use data visualization techniques to quickly and beautifully report quantitative data

About the instructor

Angela Schmeidel Randall

Angela Schmeidel Randall is the creator of ux.training, a product of Normal Modes. After she started Normal Modes, Angela recalls having a steady stream of people contacting her with the same questions: How do I get started in UX? How do I move from being a web designer/front end developer/researcher to becoming UX designer? How do I move from an entry level UX career to something more senior? As a result she's become passionate about preparing the next generation of UX professionals for their careers. Similarly, she noticed that businesses wanted to transition away from the outsourced UX model they had subscribed to for years out of a well-founded desire to keep institutional knowledge in-house. The challenged these businesses faced was finding qualified talent and equipping teams with the UX tools they needed to be successful. In 2016 the she launched UX.training, whose mission is to help the next generation of user experience professionals accelerate their careers through targeted training, portfolio building projects, and 1-on-1 mentorship. UX.training offers personalized learning plan that gets you the skills you need to achieve your career goals. Angela is also adjunct faculty in the graduate degree program for User Experience Design at Kent State University, the Executive Director of the Houston chapter of the User Experience Professionals' Association (HUXPA), and the managing director of Normal Modes.