Do you want to join the gig economy to earn extra money, gain experience you can't get in your day job, or kick-start a new career? Then a side hustle might be just for you!

If you’ve ever thought about trying a side hustle in consulting or freelancing, you may have wondered where to start, what to charge, and how to be successful. In this course, you'll learn from folks who have made the transition.

Some of the side hustle hot topics we'll address include:

  • Do you need to set up a company or can you do work under the table? SPOILER: Nope on both of those.
  • The important difference between product and service-based side hustles.
  • How you market your services and find paying clients.
  • How to develop winning projects proposals.
  • The ways - including hourly rates - to charge clients for your services. 
  • How to establish project timelines that work with your schedule and your client's needs.
  • Managing time so you have a life outside of your side hustle.
  • How to handle the very happy problem of managing growth.
  • Fostering happy, healthy relationships with your clients including best practices and tips from our experience.
  • Important information about bean counting, expense tracking, and U.S. taxes. (NOTE: We are not tax consultants, but we'll share our experiences from the school of hard knocks.)
  • Knowing if/when you should turn your side hustle into your full-time job.

This course is applicable to everyone at any stage of their career working side hustles in:

  • UX Design
  • UX Research
  • Web design & development
  • Graphic design
  • Software development
  • IT Consulting

You'll walk away with all our tools, templates, tips, and best practices curated after more than a decade of successful side hustling.

Get your side hustle off to the right start in 2018.